Sunday, August 10, 2014

Day 'Cation'

The Sechrist Family Luck is a little something we joke about in the family.

The Sechrist Family Luck would be...

... getting a bad cold that drains your energy the same day the dishwasher mysteriously starts leaking around your feet.... and now you have to clean it up and figure out what is happening.

...scheduling Carlee's professional pictures months in advance and having to cancel the appointment because the day before she wiped out and completely bruised her face looking like an NHL player. 

...or the time I paid to do Connor's memory page in the yearbook (against Darren's wishes) and his head is half cut out and name misspelled.  I was kindly refunded the money, and it was a total accident.  Still, I wonder if Connor will want to know why I wanted to put ostriches in the yearbook for his picture.

His toothless smile still made it!

...there are the times we decide to risk it to go out to eat in public and the restaurant is out of sweet tea and bread, then the waitress is busting 10 tables at once, and the children have decided to reenact a scene from Wild Animals Caught on Tape

It is not terrible, horrible luck, and it only crops up now and again.  It is just enough to be a little expensive and quite annoying... sometimes funny.  

When Darren surprised the family with a few days away, our Sechrist Family Luck kicked in big time.

1.  We loaded all children, luggage, sunscreen, and snacks in the van... and then the van would not start.  Darren tried everything and it just wouldn't start. 
2.  We didn't let that stop us.  We took the little car, and the luggage, and the children, and the sunscreen, and the snacks, and then dropped the van off at the shop.  However, when we checked into the hotel they did not have our reservation....
3.  ... and I threw away our email confirmation...
4.  ...because Darren wrote it down on a tiny slip of paper and put it in my bag.  I didn't know what it was so I threw it away.
5.  We waited nearly an hour for our room while the very rude hostess pretended we were inconveniencing them.  Even though I expressed my distaste to the manager on duty, it did not seem to move them.
6.  It wasn't until I decided to let the kids go wild in the lobby... did we get a room immediately. 

So.. this is how our Day'Cation' started out.
The Sechrist Family Luck.

I was very worried it was downhill from this point, but you will be happy to know we had a wonderful few days as a family.  
We were able to shake off the "luck".
(I won't tell you about the inches of water in the basement when we got  I will leave that story off.)

Connor absolutely LOVES a hotel.  
That is the vacation for him.  
We enjoy watching him in a hotel because he gets so excited.
It is like Christmas for him.

First, we have to try out the gym equipment (and later the rainfall shower).

Then, we have to get room service.

Then, we have to go up and down, up and down, up and down...
in the elevator.

For some reason, Carlee liked to sit very close to the doors when we entered the elevator. 
(Not an inconvenience at all for people getting IN the elevator at all.)

Next, we test drive the indoor and outdoor pool.

This is the "MOM LOOK AT THE INDOOR POOL" moment  while I was at the front desk being treated like a hillbilly.

Somehow Carlee took over the bed, 

and I got the floor.

Then there was the ice machine, the escalator, and more hotel fun.

We had a very fun filled day at the water park!
Connor rode three BIG slides with his dad.
Carlee loved, loved Happy Harbor!

I was able to get a float by myself!  
I pulled the old 'oops, sorry honey I slipped' while Darren floated away with the two kids.  
bahaaaaa -my best villain laugh

Connor looks like he is being attacked by a Granddaddy Long Legs.

What a GREAT Day'Cation'!
We are so Blessed.

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