Saturday, December 24, 2011

Love and Christmas

Imagine being a woman getting ready to embark on one of the most exciting times of your life, planning to leave your family, planning a wedding, a life with your significant other, and officially becoming an adult!  Then, OUT OF THE BLUE, you get a message from an angel that YOU are officially pregnant with the Savior of the World!?!  You think people are judgmental today?   I can’t imagine the scandal stirred up by Little Mary of Biblical Times.  I know the scripture tells us that Mary had her own doubts initially, but I often wonder if her reaction was that of a sweet and obedient daughter or if she was more like me…..a questioner who tries to argue ones way out of God’s plan.   God how can you do this to me?  This is supposed to be one of the greatest celebrations of my life and you come, choose my destiny for me, and mess everything up!?! 
Sure, we know NOW that Mary was highly favored by God…but at the time would you think that?  The whole village had to think that she was a major hoochie mama, and her journey really was never easy.  She had to travel pregnant, was chased by the vicious government and leader King Herod (who had all boys killed under age 2/Massacre of Innocence), and had to give birth in what many scholars think was a barn.  There had to be MAJOR feelings of pain, fear, worry, and anxiety everywhere.  Again, I would have SERIOUS questions about this whole “plan”, and more than likely I would be expressing my issues every step of the way.  Are you trying to tell me God, that this is the place I am to deliver the King of the World? That we have to be in danger? That we can’t be comfortable?  Why can’t you just send your child here on a gold cloud, or make this journey easy and comfortable? (maybe eventually I would take a clue that God is in control and shut up)
Since becoming a mother myself, Mary’s story resonates with me, because I can understand how she must have felt in many ways and the significance of the people she relied on.  God gave her more than Angels.  To name a few:  Elizabeth- her relative and friend (who was pregnant with John the Baptist) who encouraged her and told her to trust the plan.  Joseph-  a good man who followed God’s will and Loved Mary and Jesus unconditionally.   The Magi- who tricked King Herod, continued their own grueling journey, and confirmed God’s plan.  The Sheppard: who helped guide and direct Mary and Joseph.  I will tell you this truth…we as parents need more than ourselves to raise children in this world; we need trusted good friends and family.   
I am certain any doubts Mary had was completely wiped out the second her precious little baby boy was born.  Yes, he was God’s son, but he was also her little boy…the same little boy who would take his first steps, say his first words, ‘I love you Mama’, He would get into mishaps, He would get excited over his birthday, make friends, and learn a trade.  Mary would also be there as his mother when he was criticized, ostracized, and eventually beaten and crucified….yes He did it all for His love for us but He was still her little boy.  The thought alone makes my heart ache, to think of the joys and pain that woman experienced….all the time doing the Will of God.   She was simple, but she was special.
 Mothers are special and our journeys are never easy no matter how much you complain (I’ve tried it), but I find prayer always helps.  Every year The Christmas Story (not the story where Ralphie's friend sticks his tongue to the flag pole), The REAL Christmas Story takes on a different meaning for me and leaves me appreciating the love that went into Christ's Birth.
I wish you all a Merry Christmas, enjoy your loved ones and pets…past and present, and remember the LOVE that made the True Christmas.

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