Sunday, December 4, 2011

Let There be Peace on Earth and Most Importantly in MY MIND!

After Thanksgiving Break my belly was full of a lot of turkey and a little baby, and my mind was on slowly getting back into the swing of things.  I sooo enjoy my breaks throughout the year.  However, this week life went past Go to Jail and Collect 300.00 and went straight to CRAZY.
Recap of  my week:
 ·         Finally finished unpacking all Christmas Items at the house
·         Plan A:  Mrs. E. brings a Real Tree to school, have students decorate, and take a part of tradition they may not have at home.

It smelled so good.

·         Plan B- Having a real tree in school is a MAJOR fire hazard.  Under authority, we undecorate tree.  (I had to comfort Mrs. E. more than anyone.)  We  placed the REAL tree outside in front of our window and made birdseed/acorn decorations. Then we put up a crappy fake one on the inside of the room.  
We just hope the thing doesn't get stolen now. 
Something for the birdies.
·         Plan A- Follow up Connor’s doctor appointment about some ways to help his focus at school....focus aside... Dr. T thinks there might be something going on with C's ear.
·         Plan B- Go to the Ear Specialist the next day, because the doctor finds a foreign item in his ear.  (Have small bead removed from ear at the price of 81.00!!!!!)  Now if you can believe this I took the bead home to show Darren but dropped and lost it in my carpet.  I am an idiot.  I have already given Connor direct orders that if he finds it again he is to throw it away or risk my wrath!
One of these were found in Connor's left ear...we have no idea out it got there, but Connor mentioned he was trying to make an earring with a bead like it to be a wrestler on TV.
·         ANOTHER pair of pants don’t fit.  Geez, I’m going to cut a hole in a bed sheet and place it over my head with a fashionable belt!
·         District E.C. meeting (after school) where I present information from a conference attended (I wonder if my family would find chicken noodle soup from a can a good dinner?)
·         Student Evaluation and Parent meeting after school (frozen pizza for dinner)
·         Create and order Christmas Cards- they are so cute but will they get mailed out??
·         Husband insists on painting 2 rooms this week…..for connor and nursery (there is a lot of junk in the hall and it is driving me NUTS)
Connor picked out this color for his room- Carolina Panther Blue
No Name Baby's room....Sweet Pea Green (very light green, think garden with pink flowers)
Sweet Pea for Sweet Pea
·         Plan A:  Meet with my friend and brainstorm baby shower details, give her addresses and numbers
·         Plan B: Just chat with friend because I Lost ALL of my addresses, NOW working on calling, emailing, and looking for all addresses lost
·          Wacky Hat Night at Church (I remembered to plan for my sparks class and a wacky hat, but forgot to review the scripture with my son)
I am telling you I went to bed at 7:30 am Friday night and Connor must have felt my tiredness because he fell asleep right beside me on the couch (and this little dude stays awake until 11:00pm).
The anxiety just creeps all over me during weeks like this, I have no idea how I am going to take care of baby #2, I have visions of her sprouting beads in her hair due to a bead left in her ear unattended for years, or Connor throwing her across the room like a football because I fell asleep while standing!?!  I wonder if moms and dads and wives and husbands and sisters and brothers and friends would agree that it is the fear of the unknown that will drive you ‘panty hose over your head with a rifle in the shot tower’ insane.  It’s the…what if? How will? Can I??  that really screws up our heads.  I mean you can only self medicate with chocolate before you realize you are gaining enough weight to have your own TLC show.
My supportive friends try to tell me God will not give you more than you can handle and that you only take it day by day…but my spoiled overwhelmed side wants to stick my tongue out and say ‘what do you know!? I mean I just had a bead removed from my son’s ear, I currently have birdseed and peanut butter stuck all over the only blouse that fits, and I think I just lost my cell phone in the fridge again!!!  (But like I say that is my spoiled side talking).  The truth is so far everyone is standing, and things have worked out, and everyone got through it without scars, and most important my Father is Faithful and His words are true....

Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.
(Philippians 4:6-7)
I have way more to be thankful about than I have to complain about, but I still ask for prayers and if you want to throw in a good joke paired with a Nutty Butty I will be your SLAVE for life.  Thanks Friends!!!

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  1. It probably won't make you feel any better, but I distinctly remember hiding behind the car and putting rocks in my nose when I was about 3 and then being fascinated because they disappeared. Who knows where those rocks are now? :) I won't say you'll get through it, because you already know that & have heard it probably a million times by now. When you look back on this time years from now, you will see that you did go through it and we can sit down and have a nutty buddy and talk about the "good ole' days" before you had teenagers. Wait, um, just forget I said that. :)