Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Darren

Happy Birthday to Darren
 Your the republican to my democrat, the country music to my rock n' roll, the football game to my chapter book, and the balanced checkbook to my charge is never dull!  
We Love You and Happy Birthday!
The Top 5 Reasons Connor thinks Dad is Cool:
5.  He wrestles with me in the carpet.
4.  He lets me look at Mascots on the computer.
3.  He holds a towel to my nose when it bleeds.
2.  He lets me jump on the bed.

and the number one reason dad is cool:
1.  He lets Buddy Love {dog} up when it thunders, so I can play with him.


  1. I like all of them except the first one - may let Buddy up, and put Darren down for that one! :P

  2. No dirty dogs in the clean house, of course that law get broken everyday.

  3. I'm comfused...I was thinking Darren's birthday was in Nov.

  4. I have been looking at this but never could leave a comment...I finally took the time to figure out what I needed to to! lol

  5. Great need to be one of my followers...just hit follow at the top right. Actually his is in August, I'm November. :)

  6. Oh I know you are Nov.20th...Wayne is Nov 2nd, for some reason I was thinking he and Darren had the same day! lol My mind it such a terrible waste right now! Hope it gets better! :_)