Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Pictures don't Lie (unless they are in magazines)

You get up, you get dressed, you check it out in the mirror, and you say hey “not so bad”, or if your feeling really good "looking great hot stuff".  Then the inevitable happens, someone takes a picture.  Now I love pictures, pictures are great…but sometimes pictures are too honest!  After looking at this picture that my teacher assistant caught of me in the classroom, I had to do a double take because this didn’t look like me or the me I want to look like or rather feel like!  I know my BIG bottom half has been there the whole time and to be honest I have been all sizes, and weight has been nothing but a depressing roller coaster for me.  Drat!  I have to learn to do some major airbrushing or lay off the twinkies ASAP.

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