Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow Blizzard '14

We got a wee little bit of winter weather recently.  
14 inches!!!  
Totally uncharacteristic for this area.  
I am use to fairly mild winters.
Although the weather man projected 9-14 inches, I didn't believe it. 
School was closed.
I fixed breakfast.  
I fixed lunch.
No Snow.
I was thinking, 'ha. ha. weatherman, no way are we getting snow'.
Then at 1:00pm it hit, and it hit fast.
We couldn't believe it!
We were out of school for nearly a week as a result. 
A winter vacation.
The only downside is that Darren, Mr. I NEVER get sick, actually was sick the whole time.  
He missed all the fun (and all the work).
We still managed to make some memories during the most exciting weather Connor has ever witnessed so far.
PS.  Carlee still hates the snow.

Here a few of my favorite pics from our Winter Weather Vaycay.

#1 Big Brother.
Connor let me sleep in and he got his sister out of the crib.  Of course, when I heard them I was up instantly!  I walked down to see Connor setting up a tea party.  Very Sweet (minus the Pringles Chips he got out for her before 8AM).

Boy's BFF
during Snow play.

Blizzard '14

Look how deep the snow is AND how short I am?
Here, I am getting ready to pull a 'Carlee' and run inside crying!

My Beautiful Boy

Snow Angel Gone Wild

Sorry Buddy Love, I won't even play in the snow for you!
I hope you will settle for an Eskimo Kiss.

Connor and I made a Snowman just for Carlee.
It is facing the house so she could happily watch us.
She loved it!  #AllSmiles

Indoor Games

Getting Ambushed by Snow Balls from Connor and Cousin O-

Cousin O and I were going to make the biggest snowman EVER!
But then we were cold, and wet, and tired, and so we left it as a snow Super Bowl Statue.

My Beautiful Girl
She wears these sun glasses all the time inside the house (and wrong side up).

Snow Cream and Hot Chocolate
after the indoor fun.

Here is a video I made of all my snow captures.

PSS.  My camera finally kicked the can.  RIP Mr. Camera, you have captured many great memories.  (I think it was the last sleigh ride that did it.) 
PSSS.  I am already putting a nagging bug in Darren's ear to buy me a new one after tax season.

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