Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Connor

This may be a day late, but I seem to be running about three days behind so I am doing good....
Happy Birthday to a fantastic, imaginative, unique, funny, and loving boy named CONNOR!

-You say 'UP O' instead of 'Uh Oh'
-You call the wrestler Hack Saw Jim Duggan....Hot Sauce Jim Duggan
-You say 'myskerious' for 'mysterious'.

-"Mom why do you fix this?  You know Texas Walker Ranger doesn't eat green beans!"

-"I just paid one hundred and forty four dollars and forty five cents for this hair, so you can't brush it!"

-Mom:  "Why do you like snakes and not spiders?"
C:  "Spiders bite and pinch.  Snakes only bite."

-"Why does God want us to be quiet in church?"

-C: "That girl gave me the wills (willys)!  Dad: "What does the wills mean?"  C:  "Dad! it mean (sic) she make me nervous!'

-C: "I'm a lifeguard now."  Mom:  "But you can't swim."  C: "Lifeguards sit in a chair not swim."

-Mom: "Quit talking your teacher's head off!"  C: looks at the teacher.  "She still has her head."

-"You are driving my nuts!" 
(You are driving me nuts)

What a difference one word makes. :)

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